Metal Locus #1

Cosmic Times has really developed an interesting world with Metal Locus. One hundred years from now, the Earth is split, northern hemisphere against southern, between favoring cybernetic enhancements and DNA manipulation. In fact, tensions are so high that each side fears war, resulting in both sides preparing for war. This is the setting we find Hermes, a gun-for-hire, along with Cliff and Charlie, Hermes’ partners, get mixed up in a plot involving scary mega-corporations, advanced AI, and a chance to save the entire world.

It feels like a lot is going on in this issue, and that very well may be the main problem in Metal Locus 1 – so much happens that even in the beginning, we go from alarm clock to people dying. While I don’t disapprove of fast-paced stories, certain parts of Metal Locus felt incomplete or not fully thought through. I enjoyed the overall set-up of a mercenary becoming one of the last hopes for saving the unsaveable parts of the world, but in the scene where we are introduced to the AI that can change the world, I was wondering why she constantly kept changing her attire (and did she really need to end up completely nude? Was this part of Hermes “paradise”? If so, why not just have her nude the entire time, since Hermes doesn’t seem the type to wait for something he wants?) When did Hermes get this AI implanted into him, and why give it to him at all if he’s just going to be killed anyhow? And if a member on your team is enhanced to ridiculous adrenaline levels, why on earth would you allow it to take over your teammates rational thought process and let it become a threat to your team’s safety?

A lot of these answers may fall into the “that’s just the way things are” category, but I feel like a world like this would be enhanced with deeper and more thoughtful answers. The illustrations are gorgeous, and serve to make this a very beautiful issue. However, with these slight plot holes, the setting for the story just can’t compensate enough to bring this from a solid issue to a fantastic one.
Being a mini-series, I knew I would be getting into the first 25% of a story arc. I just hope the other 75% doesn’t feel like it’s sacrificing a high-quality story for a high-octane one.

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