Mermin Vol. 1: Out of Water

This children’s comic is a fish out of water story.  The lead character is literally a fish boy, who becomes dissatisfied with life in his undersea kingdom of Mer and decides to see what life is like on dry land. Washed ashore, he  is discovered by three children who amazingly aren’t all that afraid, but more curious about this sea creature.  After a few questions, they invite the fish boy, who introduces himself as Mermin, to play with them. Mermin seems averse to returning to the sea and has nowhere to go, so Pete takes him home with him after Mermin saves him from a shark encounter with an impressive display of physical strength.

The adventures begin at Pete’s house with meeting the parents and a revelation that Mermin has a fear of water. Then comes school, which of course Mermin at first mistakes for something else. Mermin encounters the usual social difficulties, such as bullies and fitting in. Mermin is also being pursued by a mercenary group who are attempting to bring him home to Mer on orders from his father.  After a not-so-great first day at school, Mermin  runs off, only to be discovered by the bad guys. Pete is captured by the group, and Mermin faces an overcoming his fears moment, and along with the rest of his new friends, who are joined along the way by concerned adults, sets out to save Pete. An all out Battle Royale  ensues, where Mermin again displays his amazing physical powers to save the humans.  He ends up defeating the bad guys and winning a reprieve allowing him to stay on dry land amongst the humans for a time as an ambassador of Mer.

This is a good story for children. I like the idea of the writer using a character not seen too often in this role.  Mermin is a sea creature who seeks to experience the lessons of finding your place, loyalty, friendship, family, courage, and strength of  character. All combined with the intrigue of a being from a different world, albeit the same planet. Expressing typical childhood rebellion,  He runs away from home, only to be pursued and battle with unsavory individuals sent by his father to bring him back. This comic packs in enough action to keep the readers interested.

The artwork has a simple, easy to follow children style layout. The drawings appears as a cartoon, with bold lines, and rounded edges except where necessary for that non threatening look and the colors are bright and vibrant. The downside for me is there were questions unanswered about the backstory of Mermin, such as his role in the kingdom of Mer. It’s hinted he’s important, but it’s never specified. Where does the extraordinary strength come from?

Also, how does he remain out of water so long and survive? Is that part of his powers, along with the super strength? I was always under the impression that certain aquatic beings that could come up on dry land could do so only for a limited time. Then again, being  since this is Volume 1, perhaps those explanations will be revealed as the story progresses. Or, perhaps that’s my adult mind repressing my childlike sense of wonder.

If this sounds like the type of story for your children, or even for you, hey, I’m not judging, this and other fine titles can be found at Oni Press Inc. by following this ink: Oni Press or purchase it on Kindle at Amazon.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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