Medieval Spawn/Witchblade #2 (Of 4)

Medieval Spawn/Witchblade #2 (Of 4)

Writer / Artist: Brian Haberlin, Brian Holguin

Cover: Brian Haberlin

Witchblade is captured and crucified…will she survive? And will Spawn be her savior?

I have never been one for Witchblade or Spawn.  They are both products of the 90s comic excess where style was over substance and even the style wasn’t very good.

So it was no surprise even though this is historical fiction, it is so in the most loosest of terms.  There is no explanations of timeframes or time jumps.  There is never explanation of places or people as well (like say Gaul or France or even Europe).  Apparently this medieval Earth is just a vague time period that is more familiar with a bad D&D session than anything really.

Also, the plot logic doesn’t make too much sense either.  One character can teleport around at will but yet is taking boats have the time to travel.  One person drowns and immediately sinks to the ocean floor (so they can move the plot along).

The art works fine for this for the most part.  It seems like the artists is doing the sort of Stephan Sejic school of digital art, but their line work isn’t as strong and everything is way too dark most of the time which totally overplays the mood.

So while I can easily follow along with this book, it’s a bit of a jumble and is just enough for me to not be interested in this mini-series (which they don’t state anywhere in the book).

I could have gone in with a tad bit of bias not being into the characters but there was nothing in this comic to win me other either.

I give this a 2.5 out of 5 for the book and that is mainly for the art and few bits of clever dialogue.

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