Marassa #1

Marassa #1 Cover

Marassa #1 Cover

In an age of space pirates, dark bounty hunters, and wooden rockets. Some weird jazz will play out.

Written by Greg Anderson Elysee
Penciled by Antonello Cosentino
Lettered by Justin Birch
Colored by Francesco Montalbano
Edited by Marcel Dupree
Published by Evoluzione

In what I think is a space Creole culture, the hunter Koulev is returning to a rural hideout with a catch when his adversary catches up to him. Conflict ensues and does not disappoint. Not only is there action, the story is smart and turning in unpredictable ways every other page. Months after that conflict the pirate captain Marassa enters the story in an apparent act of thievery. Or is this a recovery?

The tapestry of family and space journeys is made from threads of Marassa’s twin Mara, her royal family and Zazie, the snake doctor. These are fully developed characters with personality, abilities, and motivations. While we are only introduced to them we are not burdened with exposition before a new twist turns up. The tale becomes more complicated as we learn about mysterious cosmic powers that at least Marassa carries.

Despite questionable and rowdy traits, he cares deeply for Petit his wood child. He yearns to revive a band of adventurers that include his family. Failing that he heads out searching for a prize and another twist.

Greg has done it again with expert handling of a story that could easily have appeared in Heavy Metal with Antonello’s stylings akin to Moebius.

This may be my second favorite indie book of the year, reminding me of what I like about Saga but showing none of the frailties. If nothing else it reminds me not just of Moebius but of DC’s strongly developed Atari Force characters. A set of characters that later broke the editorial restrictions placed on the writers.

Where do we go next? This is a buy.

4 stars of 5

Lonnie Webb

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