Madness of Wonderland #4

madness stops here, or at least that’s what Emma Legrasse is hoping for as she
closes in on the suspect behind the murders. 
With her girlfriend’s life on the line, she will stop at nothing to bring
this person in and put an end to the violence. 
However, the killer may not be who she thinks.  Read the final installment to the Madness of
Wonderland mini-series that will leave you crazed for more. 
So, now
Madness of Wonderland comes to a close. 
The killer has been revealed (which I won’t give out here) and the
legacy of the Mad Hatter lives on.  It’s
been a wild ride and Emma just wants it to stop, for her girlfriend’s sake as
well as for anyone else this murderer might lay claim to.  But, what is Danko’s involvement in all of
this and why did he take Shelly?  As luck
would have it, Emma tracks him down to the very site where Hall and Lovecraft
discovered the caves with all of the strange writing.  A final showdown is at hand where they
finally air-out their dirty laundry and their connection with Johnny Liddle is
finally unveiled.  There were so many twists
and turns in this issue that “madness” is an apt title for this series.  However, that’s what makes a good
psychological thriller.  You don’t really
know where the story is taking you and in the end the big reveal finally pays off.  All throughout the series you had little
glimpses of the Mad Hatter and you’re told that Emma witnessed her whole family
killed while being held captive when she was a kid, so when it’s shown that
Johnny was there back during Emma’s imprisonment it gets you thinking of how it
may have effected Johnny down the line. 
Did his involvement play a role in him becoming the Mad Hatter?  That’s something for the reader to speculate
on and it’s things like that, that make the story that much more enjoyable for
let’s continue on that thought of the continuity tie-ins.  When you’ve got an ever expanding universe of
characters and locations, one can start to lose track and get lost in the
myriad of stories that come about from all of that.  However, when a writer throws in a bit of
back story that places characters at a specific event, you can develop a timeline
of the universe and then try to figure out, unless you’re specifically told,
how these characters or events influenced the next in line.  So, like I said, did Johnny’s involvement
influence his actions down the road?  Now
the fun part is going back through the series that started it all and try and
place when that happened.  Not sure if
Raven had this planned out way back then, but it would be some awesome
foresight into an already amazing universe. 
Kudos to Dan Wickline for executing this so wonderfully.  I feel like a read through the earlier series
is now in order.

Now, my thoughts on what I didn’t like about this issue were simply that I thought the big reveal as to who the killer was at the end was a bit
obvious.  I don’t know, I feel like they
could have thrown you completely, but decided on the familiar path
so-to-speak.  This is still worth the
read though, so don’t let that deter you from a great issue.

Legrasse has finally confronted the killer and prevented any more deaths, but
where will she go from here?  Only time
will tell what Wonderland has in store for Emma, but one thing you can be sure
of is that it won’t be pleasant.  So, be
sure to pick up this issue from your local comic shop or wherever you get your
Zenescope needs.  This is not one to be
missed as I’m sure the repercussions from this book will be playing out in
series to come.  For more info on where
to find this issue, visit the Zenescope
website, or the Zenescope Facebook
Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer and not the Mad Hatter. 

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