Madness of Wonderland #2 & #3

 Warning: There may be spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk!

 As the
investigation of the bizarre murder continues, agents connected to the case
keep winding up dead.  Now Detective
Legrasse must delve even deeper into Lovecraft’s journal in order to put this
case to rest.  However, a spectre from
her past begins to haunt her and a man thought dead leaves signs of his
return.  The madness continues in these
next two installments of the new Wonderland spin-off by Dan Wickline. 

So, I
think it’s safe to say that you never want to get involved with anything even
remotely related to the Liddle family.  Something
Emma Legrasse is finding out all too quickly as other agents investigating the
murder case that started all of the current craziness, begin to get picked off
one-by-one.  Not only that, but she keeps
reliving her traumatizing past, bringing up old emotions and pain that would
not deem a normal police officer fit for active duty.  Somehow, Emma has been able to suppress all
of those feelings throughout her life and only now having them well up during this
strange investigation.  Obviously a
strong willed girl, otherwise she would’ve lost it a long time ago having to deal
with so many murders for all these years. 
The one big mystery though is how Lovecraft’s journal ties into all of
this exactly.  Sure, the markings on the
victim might have something to do with it, but if Legrasse is the only one that
has the journal, who else would know about it? 
Question upon question piles up across these issues, which will
hopefully be answered by the conclusion to this mini-series with the next
issue.  This is looking to be something
Wickline is putting together quite the wonderful mystery here.  What with a quick appearance by a character
we all thought dead and little hints divulged from Lovecraft’s journal, it’s
certainly shaping into a series I just can’t put down.  It even has me trying to figure who this
mystery killer is.  Each issue has me
thinking I’ve finally figured it out and then something else surfaces that
debunks my theory.  Good mysteries are
hard to come by these days, at least ones that really get me thinking, so for
the fact that I have no clue who’s killing everyone, I’m really looking forward
to the last issue.
 Now, my
only beef I had to do with issue three. 
The art just fell short in my opinion. 
It seemed flat and unemotive compared to Reine Rosenberg’s work on the
second issue.  I mean when you compare
the agent getting killed in issue two to the one in issue three, you just don’t
get the sense that Agent Anders is feeling her life slip away as much as Nicole
the medical examiner did.  Oscar

Celestini did great with the Lovecraft flashback shots in both issues, but I just
didn’t feel it with Puste.

So, now
this series is starting to wind down, but not before a few more wrenches are
thrown into the works.  I can’t say
enough how much I’m enjoying Mr. Wickline’s work on this series and really
can’t wait for the big reveal.  If that’s
not motivation enough to go grab these two issues then you must be mad!  Believe me when I say, Madness of Wonderland
does not disappoint.  For more info on
where to find these issues, visit the
website, or the Zenescope
Geek-o-Rama received a copy of these books for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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