Lumberjanes 15

As the unnatural blizzard rages on, the Lumberjanes continue their search for Jen, who learns more about the mysterious bear woman and her ties to Rosie and the Lumberjanes.

Oh, BOY! The Lumberjanes’ incredible saga continues. Jen and the girls were separated in the previous issue, but the girls don’t know Jen is now safe (and I use the term loosely) in the cabin of the mysterious Abigail! Abigail sets up Jen in her luxurious cabin with all the books she could want and a cozy place to call her own. But Jen wants to head back to camp and look after the girls like she always has.

In the meantime, the girls are out in the wilderness searching for Jen with the aid of Barney from the Scouting Lads (the neighboring summer camp for boys).
Back at the cabin, Rosie (who has been searching for Jen as well) finally makes her way to Abigail’s cabin and a lot of amusingly vague dialogue ensues:

“The camp is different now.”
“SHE’S not around anymore?”

That kind of thing.
The girls soon have a run-in with some demonic-looking, antlered wolves (?) who then demonstrate the power of speech (or mimicry).
I thoroughly enjoy the constant layers of mystery that Stevenson and Watters nudge into the story. This arc is turning out to be a *MUCH* bigger deal than originally anticipated and I’m anxiously anticipating the next issue. What is Abigail hunting now?

By the way, keep your Google tab open for “Nellie Bly”. Education abound!
Thank you for not slowing down, Lumberjanes!

Thanks for reading,

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