Lumberjanes 13+14

Okay, I know it has been a bit and I’m sorry, but I’m going to hit you with some double-issue goodness with this Lumberjanes review. Are you ready? Let’s get right to it!

Issue 13 acts as a flashback and opens to giving us a glimpse into the family life of each of our favorite Lumberjanes as they arrive at camp on the first day for the summer:
– Jo has been raised by 2 very supportive dads (who are both also Tony Stark-brilliant)
– Ripley seems to be 2nd or 3rd youngest in a family of 9 kids (this explains the jump-into-the-fray hyperactivity.)
– April, we only see her dad which seems to be a late-middle-aged man. She refuses help from him and proceeds to carry *ALL* of her luggage in by herself.
Here, April and Ripley have a sweet interaction involving immediate acceptance of Ripley by April (and I assume vice versa.)
– Mal arrives in a taxi of which the cabby seems to be getting Mal’s whole life story leading up to and including her arrival at the camp. We also see the meet-cute moment between Mal and Molly (which is the only member of Roanoke cabin we don’t see actually arrive.)

There are already character-driven layers here: April and Jo know each other, Ripley knows Jen (but seemingly no one else. I assume this is key to her acceptance by the other Lumberjanes in the cabin), this also seems to be Mal and Molly’s first summer here.  Not 5 minutes into everyone getting to know everyone when Ripley’s unicorn disappears and before Jen can stop them, the girls race after it!  We get introduced to Molly’s raccoon cap and before we know it, all of the Lumberjanes are being welcomed by Rosie for the first official day of camp.

Issue #14 – We are back in the present and Jen is trying to teach the girls basic wilderness survival when a freak blizzard hits (in the middle of a summer-filled forest), Jen and the girls get separated. The girls get rescued by Rosie, while Jen wakes up in the cabin of Abigail a woman that seems to have a penchant for hunting the animals in the forest, including the creepily supernatural ones!

Meanwhile, Rosie headed back out to look for Jen while the girls did the same (unbeknownst to Rosie), Rosie encounters the mysterious bear-woman who tells her that Abigail is *back* and an air or ominousness is placed on how potentially dangerous she is (and that she and Rosie have a clear history that was once a friendship. Side-note: kudos the writers for a Die Hard 2 *and* a Frozen reference in the same sentence.

Now, it’s purely speculation, because I don’t know how Noelle Stevenson and company’s creative processes operate, but we are now 6 issues past where the series was proposed to end and there seems to be no end in sight to the ongoing arcs.  I want to say I definitively know whom to trust and who is a “shady character”, but any one of these engaging folks could turn at any moment. A person you once thought was *clearly* a threat, could just be serving a greater good. There’s a lot of conjecture to be had with a book like this.  I will continue to make theories and plans and expect to have them dashed and/or exceeded by the next issue. I’m buckled in, ready to take this bullet-train of awesome to the next stop.

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