Walking into this movie I was kind of thinking “hmm now self needs to kill future self, can’t do it”. However this movie is eerily INCEPTION-ESQUE, mind bending, genius on top of “I have the biggest gun on the planet action”. I have always been a fan of Bruce Willis, but in this film he takes it to a whole new level opposite Joseph Gordon-Levitt (the man with abundant last names). Not to give away too much of the plot, there are some really cool effects, and even some un-expected super-natural elements.

There are a few things about the film that stood out as not only comical but somewhat flawed and confusing. Namely the scene where Seth, played to
perfection by Paul Dano (Cowboys & Aliens) crying out to Joe with snot in his nose, pan away, no snot, pan away, snot, pan away no snot and so on. There is also another really confusing scene towards the middle, but I will skip that for this review because it lets on to some of the plot line. Finally we are thrown a really unnecessary nudity scene that will probably have Piper Perabo fans thinking, “okay I am not really sure what the heck that was about but whatever”. Just a heads up, Pierce Gagnon the little kid in the movie can really act. He is so creepy I don’t want him near my kids until he gets older or does at least one comedy to shake the feeling I have about him right now. All in all you will get more than your money’s worth with LOOPER. This movie gets points for superb acting and brilliant execution, but doesn’t give me the urge to watch it more than once every few years. Probably for the same reason I didn’t buy TIMECOP or INCEPTION. Still this movie is solid.

I give it a 5 out of 7 – VERY GOOD This movie leaves you with the feeling that although everything may not be okay, girls can kick butt and one man can save the world with either one bullet left in the chamber or some special power he discovered 5 minutes ago. This movie is a good time and make you wonder how many people you can tell about its awesomeness the next day at work.

Expanded Rating Definition : Slightly less awesome than a 6 rating. This movie is well worth your time and skipping American Idol or the NBA playoffs to watch. Having said that, it is not recommended that you watch any movie while the NHL playoffs are on because hockey rules your face, you got that. You also need to buy this movie on BLU-Ray or some higher format because not doing so will just mean you are cutting corners, real
movie lovers just don’t.

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