Looking For Group #3-5

This review covers Dynamite’s publication of Looking for Group issues 3, 4, and 5.  In issue #3 the epic quest for the sword of truth continues in the apparently empty city of Kethenecia.  It soon becomes apparent that the group must go back to go forward, AGAIN.  Add some mayhem, chaos, a dwarven bard assassin, a duplicitous elf and one humdinger of a choice for Cale’Anon and we have the climax of the issue.

Next up, the group receives a passionate entreaty from a town besieged by elementals, who assures them that they can buy.  That’s believable.  A spanner gets thrown into the works when HCTIB makes a shocking return and curses Richard with an amulet that returns him to “Little Dick” proportions.  What’s a group to do but forge bravely forward and get bashed, burned, drowned, and blown about until they figure out how to return Dick to his normal raping, burning, pillaging self.

Last to bat is issue #5 where Cale decides that it’s time to wipe out the last remnants of Vulii blood, the only problem is that it turns out that there is quite a bit of it left, and the group is quickly overwhelmed.  After some torture where we learn that elves really do feel pain, the group is rescued by the last dregs of the Bloodrage tribe and the story really gets going.

Richard has a distinct problem keeping his hands to himself, literally, they keep getting chopped off, leading to a number of re-attachments, including forks and bear paws,.  Richard then declares himself a Bear-lock.  The humor seems to evolve somewhat in issues 3 and 4, using a bit more cerebral jokes, with the usual bevy of sight gags.  We do some story development from characters like Cale, Crunch, and HCTIB, although much of Richard’s past is still a mystery.  Issue 5 just wasn’t as funny, devoting a bit more time to plot and character development, but Richard’s love affair with his torturer will earn some guffaws.

The art continues to please and impress as the series goes on.  Lar pulls several unique looks for both the ongoing characters and one-shot villains.  One of his greatest strengths is how he can skate between the world of cartoon and realism with such effect.  He of course, makes Richard the star of the show, but all the characters come just as well rendered.  With other cartoonists like Aragones, background scenes got little detail, but LFG has a real consistency throughout the book.  That’s a nice change from other modern artists.  HCTIB is one of the other favorites, there is a panel where he latches onto Richard’s head that is just adorable and evil all at the same time.

The books also contain the usual collection of NPC and Tiny Dick adventures.  Some of which are interesting, others fall flat.  The Tiny Dick adventures are always charming, silly and over the top.   Come grab this for all the mindless humor of hacking, slashing, burning, pillaging and ribald jokes you can handle.

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Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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