Looking For Group #2

Cale’anon and his band of untrustworthy followers continue their search for the sword of truth, an artifact that everyone in the world but the group seems to know the location of. Following some lore that Crunch has, the group needs to draw out the spirit of a woman known as The Shriek. One catch, only one pure of heart can call her out. For once Cale’s innocence serves the group and he takes a portal back to a time when elves were good and righteous. They were also being overrun other more sinister elves. Cale has lousy timing. At the end of the battle Cale receives two magic swords from the dying king that will (hopefully) lead the group to the city of Kenethecia, the resting place of the mythic sword of truth. Cale’anon gets whisked back to the present just as all hope is lost, only to find out that they are being attacked by the descendents of the evil elves, the Volii. After the slaughter, err battle is done they discover that Cale’s magic swords reveal a map to the fabled city in the blood of the Volii, Richard ever thinking, bottles up some Volii blood for the road. After much epic mayhem, a few sea battles, and turning a dragon to glass and stabbing it in the eyes, the group makes it to the lost city and we closeout issue #2. This issue also features a bonus story, recounting the trials and tribulations of Richard’s familiar, HCTIB.

Issue #2 is a consistently good romp featuring everything that LFG fans have come to expect including Cale being a twit, Richard being evil in the funniest ways possible, not to mention getting peppered with arrows nailing him to a mast. Crunch and Benny get in their share of fun, as Crunch is terrified of water and has to be tied down for the sea voyage. Add to this, allusions to the ever present giant rat killing in most RPG’s and a few hilarious Star Wars segues. No, we don’t know why they are there, but every geek seems to love it when they happen. The HCTIB bonus story gives us yet another glimpse into the evil of Richard and they way his continual havoc wreaking effects the demon population.

Although generally not a fan of comedy titles, I just have to say that this is a good looking book. The artist continues to pull off really great facial expressions on each of the characters to accentuate the gags. Even despite the cartoon nature of the book that art is proportional and consistent. Once again the depiction of Richard’s character stands out, pulling a fantastic look that remains fun and despicable all at the same time.

The bad guys keep winning and that’s how fans of this series like it. For more information on Looking for Group or to get your copy visit Dynamite – The Official Site

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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