Lola XOXO 1

In the “Wasteland”, Lola, a young woman with a resolve fortified by a lifetime of survival on her own, must journey across the nuclear-decimated United States in order to find the family that was taken from her! As her quest for the truth begins, Lola uncovers the true inhumanity of the Apocalypse, as those who seek to hold power in a new frontier, will do so at all bloody costs-including her life!

If there’s one genre I’m always a sucker for, it would undoubtedly have to be good old post apocalyptic stories.  Give me that no-bullshit, hardened character fighting to survive in a broken Earth setting, and I’ll dive right into it.  So when I first heard about Siya Oum’s new creator owned Lola XOXO project, I was super anxious to see what she’d be bringing us.  This intense anticipation turned out to be well worth the wait as you will soon find out.

This latest epic adventure focuses on a beautiful young woman and her challenging life in the wasteland of today.  Lola struggles just to get by day to day, along with the group of traders she travels with.  She grows impatient with this living though, and by the end finds herself alone, and in more trouble than she bargained for.  Although the story centers on the present, we do get a brief glimpse of the global tragedy she lived through at a young age, which I can see more being revealed on later.

As you would expect, Siya fully takes on responsibilities for the story, and the striking artwork as well.  Her style of pencil work and colors both lend themselves wonderfully to a setting like this.  The war-torn desolation is wonderfully drawn, and I particularly like the character designs she created.  As ugly as the world is now, it’s beautiful to look at with her art.

Even with just this single issue to go by, I have a feeling this will end up being a big hit.  The story has already started off strong, and is visually great to follow along with.  I am very interested in this new project and cannot wait for the follow up.  Without a doubt, this should be on your radar and in your collection as well.

For more information on Lola XOXO, check out Aspen Comics.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts, comments and opinions belong to the individual reviewer.

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