Little Archie

Writer and Art: Art Baltazar
Writer: & Franco

This comic is definitely for kids, but it is so cute! This one shot takes place in the day in the life of little Archie, or a mis-adventure. He gains static power from Sabrina’s cat Salem and his whole day is downhill from there: his homework is destroyed, he gets sent to the principal’s office, and gets detention. Poor Archie, but he does catch a break in the end and all is returned to normal.

Most of Archie’s friend are featured; Betty, Veronica, Jughead (who seems to have an endless supply of hamburgers), Reggie, and as mentioned before, Sabrina. This was a very fun read, simple panel layout and not heavy on dialog. The writing, by Art Baltazar & Franco, is simple and easy to follow; it would be perfect for kids who are getting into reading, help reading, or a nice little bedtime story. All the panels are colorful and playfully drawn by Art Baltazar, very active and bright.

This is a comic I would recommend for kid friendly read.

Rating: I am going this comic 4 stars!

They have an official Facebook page: Archie Official Facebook

You can find this and other Archie comics here: Archie Comics

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