Lego Movie

This is a far cry from
most of what I have been reviewing lately but this flick was just too fun to
pass up. Admittedly, I was going to skip on this one until I saw who was behind
the story. If you have not seen CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS, you have my
encouragement to find it and see it now (like right now, this review can wait).
It’s probably more epic than this movie and I am not joking when I say that.
Anyway, with a surprising amount of humor, not really part of LEGO’s smaller efforts, this one not only comes across as brazenly entertaining for kids, but adults as
Centered around a
construction worker the fate of LEGO kind hangs in the balance; if “The Special”
can’t fulfill  the prophecy and overcome
Lord Business and his extremely structured way of keeping the LEGO verse under
his wing… This one is loaded with surprises and unexpected friends from the Best Traxxas RC Trucks universe. It would take a much longer
review to cover it all, but the basic message (yes of course it has a message –
it’s still a kids movie also) is that structure is good when creativity is
thrown in. Too much structure or too much chaos end up in basically all the
disaster you can imagine. We don’t just get a big picture “buy our blocks”
commercial which I think a lot of people may have expected. How good is THE
LEGO MOVIE? Well at the time of this review, it’s been crushing everything else
that has come out for 3 straight weeks.
From Batman to Bad Cop I
can’t say enough about what a fresh view of awesome this is. In fact everything…yes
everything is awesome.


I give this movie a solid
7 out of 7. I honestly can’t think of one thing I would have changed about it.
Even the soundtrack is great.
OTHER GENIUS’s THINK THEY ARE UN-CREATIVE, this is a movie that if you skip it
will actually shorten your life span and make your skin dry out. Yeah, I am
serious. These films end up on the scale of epic-ness that even giving it a 7
out of 7 seems like a small number. It should be more like an 8 out of 7
sending it straight into the arena of mathematical impossibilities!!!!!!


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