Legend of the Black Panda

The legend speaks of two sons, born of the same bloodline, but destined to walk different paths.  One would be born and choose the darkness, and so, the other must choose the light.  Ursus, the first born consumed by hate, seeks to end the life of his opposite, Jai-Den.  Will the elder destroy all others and become like a god, or can Jai-Den fulfill his destiny and end the war?

The Good
This was an easy book to win me over given the subject matter.  This is a classic clan vs clan, chosen one vs chosen one tale, but done with neat and different types of characters.  The first book is written quite well, in both content and pace. The art style as well was a great choice for this type of story, and really helped the overall feel to it.

The Bad
If I was forced to nitpick one little thing, it was a phrase the antagonist said that was a bit unusual. Other than that, I couldn’t say anything negative for this one.

The Summary
If you’re a sucker for all things martial arts and Far East culture as I am, odds are you’ll enjoy this book.  In just the first issue, a lot of action and good story base are crammed in, and leaves you with just enough to want another.  I definitely would like to keep going with this, and would suggest checking it out.

For more information on Wolly McNair and his work, check out Rebel Star Studios.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book in exchange for this review. All thoughts,opinions and comments belong solely to the individual reviewer who so far as we know was not karate chopped into saying good things. 😉

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