Lawless: Welcome to Badrock



Welcome to Badrock, where the synthol flows freely, fights break out daily and scavengers bicker over pieces of scrap found in the war-scarred badlands. Good thing they have a new Colonial Marshall, no-nonsense Metta Lawless, to keep the peace!

Tensions between Meks, Muties, Uplifts and Humans are rife and only she can bring the change that Badrock needs. But for the local branch of ruthless inter-galactic hypercorp, Munce Inc. change is bad for business… How far will they go to protect their investments?






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“Though I’ve written a few short Dredd stories, my first major foray into his universe was the series Insurrection, which I wrote for the amazingly talented Colin MacNeil, and which is available in collected editions from your friends at Rebellion.

Insurrection was military space opera, borrowing tropes and concepts from the Earth-based Dredd stories, and I saw it as a chance to invert the usual nature of Dredd stories by showing the Judges from the point of view of those ruled by them. The Judges became the fascist, dystopian thugs they’d always been… but without the satire to offset that oppression. The series was very popular – I’m sure, in no small part, to Colin’s amazing artwork – but it was controversial. Die-hard Dredd fans took it to task for making Judges bad guys, while wondering how and WHEN it fitted into the Dredd timeline. The answer is… we’re not saying.

But Lawless definitely fits after Insurrection. It’s a sequel, of sorts, in as much as it explores locations and

concepts set up in Insurrection. However, it’s entirely its own thing, and can be read in isolation. You don’t need to know anything about Insurrection to pick this story up. In many respects, it’s a return to ‘classic’ Dredd in that it’s about a Judge maintaining the peace in a community.

Metta Lawson’s ruthless, no-nonsense approach is less to do with satire and more to do with the lawless, frontier nature of her posting. This is unashamedly a space western.

For Lawless, I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Phil Winslade. His art is extraordinary, and his superb character work has helped to make this the character driven story it is. It’s become a personal favourite project for me and Phil. Once again, like Insurrection, I suspect the art is the real draw…

Each episode Phil delivered took my breath away and left me wondering how much better he could get. The answer was always… wait til the next episode.

So come and meet Lawson, Nerys Pettifer, Kill-A-Man Jaroo, Hetch and all the other colourful locals. But watch your back. This can be a dangerous town.

Welcome to Badrock.

Dan Abnett

Maidstone, March 2017”

I included the introduction to Badlands because it best describes the book and what came before.  As the author explains, this is a sequel to another story where they do story set in the world of Judge Dredd but without any satire or parody (yes Judge Dredd is meant to be funny at times, just the humor is a bit dark.)

So the gist is this is a hard, rough and tumble space western.  You honestly don’t need to know about the previous story or even the world it’s set in, but it does enhance the story some.

The only two real drawbacks to this volume is first it’s only part 1 so it stops at a serious cliffhanger and second Phil Winslade’s art is so much better colored (but you can see his pencil and inks is pretty darn great too).


So overall even if you aren’t fan of the setting or haven’t read the first story, but still enjoy a good action adventure story, this is a solid read.

I give is a 4.5 out of 5

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Disclaimer: Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments, and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.


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