Lawless: Welcome to Badrock TPB

The backwater planet of 43 Rega has spent five years recovering from an invasion of aliens known as the Zhind. isolated and a hotbed for trouble makers, Badrock is an colony township desperate for a strong law enforcer to take charge. Enter Colonial. Marshal Meta Lawson. Tough, surly and determined, Lawson seems to be ideal for the role. But is this law-woman exactly who she claims to be…?

God, I loved this comic.

Lawless, set in the Judge Dredd universe, is drawn entirely in the stark black and whites of classic 2000AD titles, a look that could go head-to-head with any color comic and come out looking a million times better. The writing is absolutely top-notch, managing to maintain a straight face without sacrificing its goofy sense of humor. Marshal Lawless is a true badass. All the characters are a lot of fun, and the story manages to mix ass-kicking with a lot of compassion for the down-and-outs.

The clincher for me was the climactic train chase. While not my absolute favorite sequence in this comic (I like the bits with the “Aborigines” the best), the train chase was the most edge-of-your-seat ride I’ve ever seen in a comic. It was a blast. Shot-for-shot, I’d match this sequence with Mad Max: Fury Road for sheer unbridled excitement and vehicle-wrecking intensity.

The only bad part about this comic is that it ends. More Lawless! More Badrock! I need to know what happens next!

Final Verdict: 5 out of 5. 

Lawless: Welcome to Badrock can be found at 2000AD

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