Kong of Skull Island #1

King Kong, world-famous and original gargantuan simian, is the progenitor of an entire genre, spawning sequels, remakes, and countless other interpretations. You know Kong. You love Kong!

King Kong was created by Merian C. Cooper, and Kong of Skull Island is grounded in artist/author Joe DeVito’s groundbreaking literary property Skull Island. BOOM! is partnering with DeVito Artworks LLC to present this story, exclusively authorized and endorsed by the Cooper family as their official King Kong/Skull Island prequel and sequel origin story.

Two fractured and combative civilizations are forced to band together as they venture onto Skull Island—their new home.

From All-New Inhumans writer James Asmus and Planet of the Apes artist Carlos Magno.

Being a lover of comics about big scary monsters, I really wanted to love the story but I really didn’t.  This of course loosely follows along the movie due out next year, which only allowed the writer to branch out so far in this prequel to Kong origin story.

In the first fifteen pages, the comic introduces dozens of characters in a set-up right out of Superman where the two opposing peoples the Tagu and the Atu must flee their home isle as it is about to be destroyed by a volcano.  Granted, comic origins are usually a bit sparse, but this one struck me as more contrived than most.

I’m sure that the subsequent issues will smooth his over and give the readers a more indepth view of the characters, but for a first issues it just felt lacking.

Carlos Magno’s art felt overworked to me as well.  He seemed to try to pack in very tight details everywhere he could, but failed to really give those eye-creases and shading the kind of depth that he was looking for.  The color palette also didn’t give as much variety as I would have liked to distinguish one figure from another.  Despite this, Magno still pulls off some nice visual effects and big action panels that we are really looking for.

A lackluster debut for what promises to be a slam bang action fest in the spirit of BOOM! Studios.

Get your copy of Kong of Skull Island #1 now.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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