Kittens in a Blender


Kittens in a Blender is a wonderful card game with a terrible premise, published by Redshift Games in 2012 with a follow up expansion in 2015.  To win this game, you want to save the most kittens from being blended, but only your kittens.  To do that, you play kittens either into The Box (from where they will hopefully be saved), onto The Counter (a neutral area), or into The Blender (which will make cute and cuddly margaritas of the kittens within). As play progresses, you can move kittens of any player’s colour between the three areas. When you feel there are enough of your kittens available to be saved in The Box, you can attempt to do so.  Here is the really twisted part: in order to save the kittens in the box, you have to start The Blender. If you successfully start The Blender, the kittens there become a smoothy, are removed from play, and are worth negative points for their owner. The kittens in The Box are saved, removed from play, and are worth positive points for their owner. Any remaining kittens on The Counter jump into The Blender, in what I can only explain as a cannibalistic impersonation of lemmings.

The game ends when all the cards that attempt to start The Blender have been played. Positive and negative points are tallied and scored, a winner declared, and everyone apologizes to their real-life feline friends for playing such a game. Seriously. That last part is in the rules.

Kittens in a Blender is simple, fast to learn, and tons of fun.  Now don’t take things too seriously and go hug your cat for even reading this review.

Originality: 5 / 5
Visual Appeal: 4 / 5
Ease of Play: 4 / 5
Strategic Challenge: 3 / 5
Total expressed as a percentage of the Ultimate Question: 38.0%

You can find Kittens in a Blender on it’s Facebook page.


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