Kill The Minotaur #1

Athens lost the war to Crete. Now, they pay tribute to King Minos by sacrificing their best citizens to his unearthly labyrinth. Conspirators believe Theseus can be the hero they need to end the mad king’s bloody reign…but no one on this world has ever encountered anything like the savage minotaur.

There is such a large amount of interesting mythological stories to come out of ancient civilizations across the globe. Some are certainly more well known than others, like that of the minotaur for instance. In the first issue of Kill the Minotaur, we begin a new take on this iconic Greek creature.

Following the loss in a war with Crete, Athens must regularly pay tribute by sacrificing citizens to King Minos. When the Cretan priest comes to Theseus with a proposition for killing the mad king, the would be hero agrees. Before getting the chance though, King Minos reveals that he learned of the plot, and Theseus is doomed to face the minotaur.

Our first view of the artwork for this title shows us a promising set of pages to continue with. This step back into ancient Greece holds nothing back and that blood filled violence is sure to increase. Both line and color work alike are beautifully done, even representing this dark and gritty story.

While this might just seem like another retelling of the minotaur, it looks like it’s aiming to be otherwise. With the creative minds of two great video game designers behind it, that’s very likely. Between that and the core topic, I think this is one that could be good to follow.


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Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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