Kill Shakespeare: The Mask of Night 3+4

Juliet, Hamlet and Captain Cesario must
escape the clutches of mutinous Viola and her pirate crew or else face an even
larger threat – the cannibal Lucius.
Anthony Del Col
Conor McCreery
Andy Belanger
It made more sense to review these two
issues, not only because #3 leaves little to talk about, but also the last two
issues for a sort of mini arc within this mini series. Now that Viola has
overthrown Cesario and become captain of the Boreas, we’re into a new sort arc
of sorts, as we deal with Lucius Andronicus, a cannibal and overall despicable
person (you can imagine the artist reading the Game of Thrones series heavily
and being inspired by that series’ descriptions of it’s own brutal sadist).
For long running fans of the series, it ties
off the events of the last season and helps resove Hamlet and Juliet’s arc
leading out of it, as well as dealing in part with the consequences. I’m
guessing anyway – I had to wiki it all to gain more than a surface
understanding of what large parts of the issues were talking about!
Which leads me to my biggest problem with
the series – long term fans will enjoy it for its ongoing development, but it
may leave new readers cold. Especially as many of the characters introduced in
the series lie dead or vanished at the end of it and none of the ongoing
characters bar Juliet could really be considered engaging in eyes.
Still, it was an entertaining spin off from
what I assume is the main series, that fans will enjoy. On the strength of the
writing I’m tempted to check out the other Kill Shakespeare! series. Which
means I guess I like the series after all.
Cover image courtesy of IDW Publishing.

Kill Shakespeare: The Mask of Night is available from Comixology or your nearest comic retailer.

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