Kill Shakespeare: The Mask of Night 2

Mutiny! With Titus’s deadly battleship in
hot pursuit and Hamlet and Juliet’s lives in the balance, Viola must either
defend her lover Captain Cesario’s decision to protect their stowaways, or lead
a full-stage pirate mutiny against him.

Anthony Del Col
Conor McCreery
Andy Belanger
It’s issue 2 of this new series of Kill
Shakespeare and the crew of The Boreas are being pursued by the most feared of
Titus Andronicus’ ships, The Lavinia. Under this pressure, the crew are forced
to consider if they should mutiny or stick to the plan lain down by a captain
they no longer know or trust.
Issue two turns up the tension quite a bit,
as several key members feel on another out amongst the larger tension of trying
to skirt by a ship that is their superior in every single way. The linework is
a lot stronger and more defined this issue compared to the last, so panels of
the different crew warily thinking to themselves and seeing how far they can
push things feel more intense.
Overall, the issue effectively captures the
feeling of a cast on walking the knife edge before, in a typical Shakespearean
move, it tips over into tragedy. Del Col and McCreery smartly leave the art to
do the talking, with multiple panels of silence which speak volumes more than
the sometimes dreary text.
The backup story for this volume starts to
unfurl (or perhaps unravel?) itself, as Juliet and Hamlet decide how best to
escape their situation without alerting anyone to the fact that they have
Shakespeare amongst them. Being part of the ongoing narrative it didn’t really
make much of a lick of sense to me, but I’m sure long term readers will have
much to enjoy seeing long term characters have a bit more presence this issue.
Overall it was a much better issue than
last. The characters themselves may not be quite a realised as many of the
preview blurbs fell over themselves to tell me, but the tense situation and
cataclysmic ending meant this is far more likely to grab a readers attention
than the first issue.
Here’s hoping next issue builds on it!
Cover image courtesy of IDW Publishing.

Kill Shakespeare: The Mask of Night is available from Comixology or your nearest comic retailer.

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