Kids of the Round Table #3

Kevin, Maggie, and Ben find themselves in a parallel world where the magic of Camelot still rules and agents of both Merlin and Morgan le Fay make their presence known.  Can these would-be successors to the Knights of the Round Table survive a supernatural attack?

Just imagine what it would be like to find yourself transported to another dimension. Take it one step further and have it be one that revolves around the world of King Arthur and his knights. Assuming you don’t just think yourself crazy right away, it’d be close to what the three sudden heroes deal with in Kids of the Round Table #3.

After Excalibur sends our young trio to Merlin’s world, they immediately (and luckily) are greeted by his apprentice. The group heads off on their unexpected journey, making a quick pit stop in Merlin’s cave. It is their that Kevin, Maggie, and Ben learn the harsh truth of their situation, and what has to be done. Neither Maggie, and Ben or take it well at first, but eventually they band together – these new knights of King Arthur.

This issue’s artwork had the benefit of a whole new setting, in another world even. With it being the world it is, this included of course some cool looking new baddies in the mix. Although it wasn’t quite explosive, there was some good action thrown in as well which helped. All around, still nice looking work.

Now that things are really starting to open up in the story, I’m getting more drawn into it. While it’s not getting in the way of enjoying them, I still would like to see slightly better endings. That small thing aside though, it’s a great way to experience this story if you haven’t seen the movie and I’m ready for the next issue.

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