Kids of the Round Table 2

Creator Robert Tinnell returns to the world of his popular film, KIDS OF THE ROUND TABLE! Middle school student Kevin thought his vivid dreams of Merlin, Excalibur, and some of King Arthur’s most dangerous enemies were rough – but now those dreams have spilled over into reality – and brought the danger with them!  Can Kevin protect his friends with the power of the magical sword Excalibur?

Virtually everyone to some extent knows and enjoys the age old Arthurian legend.  Of all the characters, the one probably loved most is Merlin.  While most tellings didn’t bring him into the “real world”, we get to see that happen as we move into issue two of Kids of the Round Table.

With all the dreams that our focus character Kevin has been having, he’s really struggling to separate what’s real and what isn’t.  Even during a heroic rescue that he and his new friends jump head first into, he finds himself seeing things out of the norm.  Shortly after this daring ordeal, all three come to realize that these visions of fantasy are anything but.

As mentioned during the review of the first issue, I have no basis of how accurate the art is to the movie.  Regardless of that though, the artwork is decent so far.  The linework is all clean and colors are pretty vibrant.  Nothing has really jumped out yet, but it’s not disappointing work.

Having been based on a movie I’ve never seen, I’m curious as to how much it really lines up with the original plot.  Even without that knowledge though, it’s a fun book.  The only thing I haven’t been a fan of is the way the issues just suddenly cut off.  Other than that, I’m interested enough to want to read on, especially never having seen the film.

For more information on Kids of the Round Table or other Action Lab titles, check out Action Lab.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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