Kickstarter/Indiegogo Spotlight: Super Anatomy

As an artist, I’m finding comfort in locating the perfect anatomy reference book. Boilerplate “artist anatomy” or “medical anatomy” only got me so far in the beginning. That was before something like this came along. Bryce Frits, an artist and graphic designer in Tucson, AZ., launched a Kickstarter campaign for the “Super Anatomy”. This looks to be one of the most comprehensive art reference books I’ve seen in a long time. The press release sent out just a short time ago succinctly sums up the reasoning behind the project:

Setting it apart from other reference books, Super Anatomy will show 100 poses from 24 different camera angles, with eight cameras located at three different heights. ‘Reference has always been a valuable tool for artists,’ Frits explained. ‘It helps us to visualize in our minds how the body is structured and how the muscles move and change when performing different actions. Super Anatomy will be beneficial to any artist who works with human anatomy, including comic book artists, concept artists, painters, sculptors and animators’…By funding their Kickstarter, artists will receive both the high-quality reference book with more than 2,400 images as well as a DVD with high-definition versions of every image. This resource will allow artists to have a more detailed view of each of the positions.

The book will be designed to lay flat while opened for easier use. They put the word out as best as they can and the funds will be used for printing and the specialized photography camera rig. The mock up art shown isn’t final: they are looking to photograph live models for this book. In addition, the book will also be available in digital format for easier travel. I can’t tell you how excited I am that something like this is in the works. They need *you* to make this happen, though! Spread the word and show your support: every little bit drives this project forward so we can all enjoy the final product!

For a complete look at the project, just follow the link to the Kickstarter.

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