Kickstarter/Indiegogo Spotlight: Rolling Empires

Recently, fellow Geek-o-Rama staffer Scott and I had a chance to sit down with our friends at Fongomongo Games to look at their new dice building game, Rolling Empires.

In Rolling Empires, players each take control of one of six different races.  Each race has its own semi-unique set of dice representing different classes within that race.  There are standard resource dice, and several different types of character dice of varying cost and power.

You can use combinations of magic and your starting resource dice to buy cards for points, more dice to expand your options, or to take control of an area on the board. With multiple ways to earn points, the tide of victory can shift quickly and fiercely.

I was lucky enough to try this game early on in its development phase, as well as just prior to it hitting Kickstarter, and am impressed at how it plays and how well it has grown. Fongomongo Games already has one successfully funded game, Aftermath: The Beginning, so they have a good handle on the production and fulfillment processes. They have set up local pickup points around Alberta to save backers the shipping costs. As well, their pledges are based in Canadian Dollars, so American backers receive the benefit of a strong currency conversion rate, making it an even more affordable option for them.

I’m looking forward getting my hands on the finished game, and I think you should too.

You can back Rolling Empires on Kickstarter or find more info at the Facebook page for both Fongomongo Games or Rolling Empires


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