Kickstarter/Indiegogo Spotlight: New World Magischola- House Rivalry


Recently, I had the great pleasure of sitting down to play a preview of New World Magischola: House Rivalry, the new card game based in the world of the Magimundi. New World Magischola is a North American wizarding school concealed in the magical world known as the Magimundi. It was created by Learn Larp as the setting for their ridiculously popular multi-day LARP (Live Action Role Playing) events of the same name.


In House Rivalry, each player gets to be a young character in one of the houses that make up the student population of NWM. There are six main character cards, plus more whose names and likenesses will be based on Kickstarter backers, and five houses to choose from. Each character and house has their own ability, giving numerous different combinations for lots of replayability.


Throughout the game, students compete for house points by completing 1 Required Course, 2 Clubs, and 3 other Courses, Conjuring spells and creatures that will affect themselves and their opponents, and through encountering random events around the school. At the end of the game, the player’s house with the most points wins and will be awarded the First House Cup!


All the Course cards, Club cards, and many of the Conjure cards have an interesting timing mechanic that is the basis for completing them. Being a magical world, time is somewhat fluid and can be added or removed by various effects. Because this is school, Courses also need grades. When you play a Course card, you start at a grade of C. This can rise or fall as play continues, with your final grade determining how many house points you gain or lose.


If you are a fan of “other” wizarding school things, much of this game will feel like a natural extension of that world. If you are a LARP fan, and maybe already know about New World Magischola, this will give you more time in the Magimundi.  Lastly, if you are just an average tabletop gamer, you’ll enjoy the unique gameplay and overall thematic feel of House Rivalry. So no matter who you are, it’s a win.


Kickstarter pledge levels start at $49 USD (plus surprisingly reasonable shipping) for just the game and related bonuses if they reach their stretch goals. $65 gets you the game and their Magical Creatures Expansion. $74 gets you the game and A Wolf By Any Other Name (a improvisational party game that also takes place at NWM). Oddly, they did not set a level for both extras, but the FAQ says that if you add $16 to your $74 level pledge, you can add the Creatures expansion after the campaign closes.  Above those levels are a limited number of pledges that allow backers to help design certain elements that will be in the final game. Several of those limited pledge levels sold out within the first 36 hours of the campaign going live, so (if you are so inclined) don’t wait long on you decision.


You can find out more about New World Magischola: House Rivalry on the game’s WEBSITE and back it on KICKSTARTER until October 18.

If you want more information on the New World Magischola LARP events or the Magimundi setting, there is loads of information on their WEBSITE and WIKI PAGE.

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