Kickstarter/Indiegogo Spotlight: Color Me Clayful

This week, we’re stepping outside of the box a little bit…this particular fundraiser is over on GoFundMe. It’s a small business that is owned by a friend of one of our own. As a site that throws our support behind the indie communities, this really is right up our alley and we have to do what we can to save this wonderful piece of the small business world. Please, go and check them out and see what you can do to help keep art alive!

We’re including Brian’s original review of the store below, just in case you need a little more inspiration!


It doesn’t take long once you walk in to know that Color Me
Clayful is a fun and relaxing place to spend some time at.  Good atmosphere is obviously a key factor in
having a successful store, and owner Malene Hammerich has given her customers
that.  It is warmly decorated and very
spacious inside, providing for a comfortable stay, no matter how long.  I myself have been there for half a day and
didn’t even realize it until I looked at the time.
On one side you have the pottery section offering a large selection
of pre-made bisque ready to paint, with everything from kitchen items to
superheroes for the kids.  Simply pick
out your piece, choose your colors and sit down at one of the many tables to
start bringing it to life.  The other
half also serves as a handmade crafts store. 
There’s a wide variety of creative items from folks across the U.S. and
even international artists.  With so many
different artisans offering their items in the store, you never know what new
goodies you’ll see.
The art center will also be the home to various classes on
skills such as leatherworking, woodworking, and jewelry making.  Color Me Clayful even has neat events like
Wine Night for the ladies, and is always available to host fun craft birthday
Whether you’re an artist looking for a new project or a parent
looking for a good way to spend a Saturday with the kids, this is a great place
to head to.  No matter who you might be
shopping for, you have a very good chance of finding, and possibly even making,
something nice for them.  Christmas is
right around the corner too, so stop on by!

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