Kickstarter/Indiegogo Spotlight: Bullets & Angels: Rosary

In this dark and gritty Comic Book series, demon hunters struggle to repel legions of hellish fiends in the coming apocalypse, and negate the destruction of both Heaven and Earth. However, as the two forces clash, the heroes question their purpose, as their morality is pushed beyond their breaking points.

James “Ace” Hollister is a drunk, opiate addicted exorcist passing through Las Vegas, and by chance begins investigating the disappearance of nine young women in the area, all vanishing without a trace. Alli joins Ace in his cause, and together they look into the disappearances.

Bullets and Angels: Rosary is a bright, energetic new project from the minds of creators Brian Lee Byrd and Sarah Hollis.  What could be more fun than a couple of off-the-books demon hunters chasing down evil in the darkest corners of Sin City.  Angels and Bullets will present 12  issues in a TPB format, so NO WAITING.  You don’t get to the end of the first 22 pages of the story and then wait, and wait, and dread some more waiting to find out what happens next.  I am a great fan of this new format that is arising from the Indie comic scene.

The kickstarter features two videos, the first, a tease of explosive images from the art team that will leave you salivating for more.  The second video gives a more in depth history of creator Brian Lee Byrd, and his journey to create this book, with a few more images of the comic itself.

We are treated to the first five pages of the book on this kickstarter and they will certainly get your pulse pounding for the funding deadline and delivery date.  The 5th page is especially riveting to the eye.  Byrd’s script is a throwback to the tense noire style, with elements of supernatural horror thrown in liberally.  This is a not a drudge through the first 15 pages building the world and introducing characters and their foibles.  B&A is more like, hmm, it’s raining, look a grim figure in a long coat, the next thing you know the artists punch you in the face, while the writers were setting the mood.

Hopefully, one the stretch goals for this campaign will be Ace monogramed seatbelts, because I guarantee that you are going to need them.  One thing I love about this book already is that not only do we have a suspense oriented script, with careful plotting but a color rich art team that delivers in the areas that matter most in Comic Book publishing.  This book is dark where it needs to be, and bright where it doesn’t.  When lightning crashes in the right, you feel it leaping off the page.  Brian describes in his mission, that one of their goals is to pitch this to Image Comics (as well as other Indie publishers,) and I can’t see this book not getting picked up.

The wit and creativity of the writing team is illustrated in the first reward:

“I will add your name to a list titled “Awesome People” that I will frame and hang in my son’s room. He will grow up having memorized this list.
As an adult, and a super hero, when the world is threatened by some immeasurable evil… he’ll save you first.”

How can you say no to that incentive for just $1?  Other great incentives are personalized sketch covers, cameos, wall posters, signed copies of the first book, all the way up to a professionally framed original from the cover art.  It is worth mentioning that on the first day Bullets and Angels: Rosary had already hit 25% of their funding..  So get on the ground floor of this campaigns, at this rate there are sure to be some nice stretch goals defined.

This probably goes without saying, but I will note it anyway.  This is a bold work from original creators, paving the way for others, much like MacFarlane did with Spawn all those years ago.  As fans, if we want to see more great original work, rather than the same characters rebooted ad infinitum, we need to show these visionaries that we support what they are doing.  Before we can be inspired by their dreams, we need to show them that there is a market for their work, so get out there and back this campaign now!  Or Ace will be gunning for you!

Bullets and Angels: Rosary Kickstarter

For more information about Bullets and Angels: Rosary connect with the creative team on Facebook and Twitter:

Bullets and Angels: Rosary on Facebook

Bullets and Angels: Rosary on Twitter

And remember . . . You can’t have the fun, without the funds.

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