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Kickstarter of the Week: Adventures of a System Admin

Adventures of a System Admin is back on Kickstarter, with Back to Business. This is issue #5 for the series, and their third Kickstarter campaign.

Writer/Creator, Juan Espinosa, is a Systems Administrator in real life and created the series to help educate readers about S.T.E.M. and using technology safely. We’ve all had that moment of trying to teach your older family member about modern technology. I swear this is a phenomenon as old as time; I can just see a cave-teen trying to teach the older cave-man that fire good. Today it’s more like “No, deleting Internet Explorer doesn’t mean you deleted the internet, Grandma. Also, why do you still have Internet Explorer…?”

The campaign (which funded on day 1) is specifically to raise printing funds for the issue plus the new Volume 1 TPB that collects Issues #1-4 and the short story Outbreak, which acts as a COVID-19 bridge between issues 4 and 5. Issue #5 is completely finished, and having read it I can say it is without a doubt the best of the series so far. 8% of the initial goal is also being given to young, up-and-coming, artist Tiffany Romero. She’s not only a talented youth, with a bright future in the business, she’s also Juan’s niece and I love that he’s able to use this campaign to support her growth as an artist.

I won’t lie, I had my doubts as I started this series. The first issue was a rocky start, #2 was a huge improvement, by #3 the creative team found its legs, and #4 really started things running. Now with issue #5, I’m right in there. If you can imbed ransomware into a physical comic book, that’s issue #5 making me wait for an issue #6.

Pledge levels start at only $5 (USD) for a digital copy of Issue #5, or $10 for all five books in English or Spanish. $15 nets you both a physical and digital copy of issue #5 in one of two covers, with $25 also getting you a branded USB Hub. Also at the $25 level is a digital and physical copy of Volume 1, $30 adds a digital copy of issue #5, and $35 gets both digital and physical copies of both. Pledge levels above that are largely a mix and match of the previous levels with something extra special at the top-end.

If you geek out over computer systems, you’ll probably get a laugh at Adventures of a System Admin. If you don’t geek out over computer systems it might take you a bit longer to get sucked in, but you probably still will be. Who knows, you might even learn something along the way.

You can back Adventures of a System Admin on Kickstarter until May 3, 2021 and find Bearded Man Comics ONLINE or ON FACEBOOK.

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