Kickstarter Spotlight – Laugh It Forward! Comedy & Comics to Change the World!

Laugh It Forward! Comedy & Comics to Change the World!

Warning this spotlight and this Kickstarter is NSFW

When you first get to Kickstarter you are greeting with the image of Dick Jokes for Justice which makes me think of the famous Upright Citizens Brigade bit of Little Donny –

But as you get down to the text, it’s basically humor comics with a social progressive message. Not picking sides but if you are more right wing or conservative, you may not find the humor to your liking.  It’s all what is considered Liberal humor (They specifically reference how comedians like Samantha Bee and John Oliver are dealing with Trump). for example.

But the cartoonist explains this all in his Laughtifesto

With any humor it’s hit and miss.  Some I found funny, some I could see the funny but it didn’t make me laugh.  Some times a strip is more about making a statement than being funny.

This may have been just me, but my first expectation reading this Kickstarter that is was for charity and or a cause. And while it is for a cause, that cause is addressed through the collected webcomics that are being printed.  No charity is getting any direct support from this KS.  Which is fine, I just assumed that if there was Dick Jokes for Justice, the they would be directly righting some wrongs.

The KS is very clear about where the money is going and what issues he’s had with past Kickstarters (health and other issues slowed down fulfillment on their last KS) and at a goal of 1,700 is a very reasonable some to get books printed up.

I do like the concept of social aware comics in this day and age, I just I know I have so much fatigue of the current conversation on the news and social media getting so heated, I don’t know if I personally have enough distance to laugh at it all.

But if you want to laugh and learn about the current issues we are facing, this may tickle your funny boner (and that is why I don’t write comedy).


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