Kickstarter Spotlight – LADY DEATH: APOCALYPTIC ABYSS #1

I admit that as a teenager during the 90s I enjoyed what was called the “Bad Girls” trend in comics.

There was Everette Hartsoe’s Razor –

There was Joseph Michael Linsner’s Cry for Dawn –

Vampirella came back from the 1970s.  Witchblade was leader of the pack from a whole host of bad girls from Image.

Billy Tucci’s indie hit, Shi also came out during this craze

A big one that came out during those grim and gritty times was Brian Pulido’s Lady Death

Born from Brian’s comic Evil Ernie and part of the Chaos Comics brand, Lady Death was a symbol of 90’s comics.  The late artist Steven Hughes was synonymous for Lady Death’s look.

After moving from Chaos Comics to CrossGen to Avatar (that used to be known for their Bad Girl Books, which they moved to an imprint called Boundless), Pulido has gone to self publishing again under Coffin Comics.


This graphic novel is a continuation of the long line of various Lady Death adventures.  If you are a fan of Lady Death, then this new volume seem to give you more of the same.  If you are new to Lady Death, the basic gist is that in the various layers of hell, monsters, demons, and evil gods hatch plots and fight each other.

There is plenty of gore and gratuitous T&A, but it still stays just on the safe side of pushing the envelope.  If you want real hard core for the 80s and 90s you should look for items like Quinn’s and Vigil’s Faust series.

As of this writing $180,797 pledged the of $15,000 goal and there is still 16 days to go.

There is plenty of extras and stretch goals to get for this Lady Death volume.  I can do without variant covers, bookmarks, and the lack, but getting digital copies of past graphic novels is a great deal.

So if you are feeling some nostalgia for the wild 1990’s of comics, when the Crow was in theaters and Mortal Combat was causing controversies, then this Kickstarter is perfect for you.

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