Kickstarter Spotlight – Demons in the Darkness

Note – I am the writer of Demons in the Darkness

Demons in the Darkness –
Writer: David Doub
Art: Dominic Racho
Letters: Daniel Chan

The core focus of Demons in the Darkness is about bullying.  When I was a kid, I moved around a lot and I was awkward and nerdy.  Combine those things, and I stuck out like a sore thumb.  I was different and the other kids didn’t know what to do with me, so they teased me, they bullied me.  It only got worse as I got older.

This article though isn’t to dwell on the negative, to wallow in self-pity.  This about what I did to turn those negatives into a positive.  I made a comic about all those experiences and feelings.  All that toxic hate, frustration, and fear makes for a brutal comic, but even that is meant to be a lesson to learn.  It’s also a bit of a parody.

Now how is it a Parody?  Well there was his artist named Jack Chick and used to draw what was called Chick Tracts.  These Tracts were little match book comics that were very evangelical, that talked about evils of the world.

Problem is that that Jack Chick wanted to scare people straight so bad that he would exaggerate these perceived “evils” to where it was just ludicrous.  Take the strip of his called Dark Dungeons (it’s what inspired the title of my comic Demons in the Darkness).  It’s about a young girl who joins a Dungeons and Dragons gaming group and gets in to spellcraft and eventually commit suicide because she can’t escape the evil D&D cult.  Some gaming groups can be rough, but what is described in Dark Dungeons is just crazy talk.

I was inspired to parody the old myths that Dungeons and Dragons was evil and Satanic back in the 1980s and tell my story as if Dungeons and Dragons had actual dark magic to it and it could do horrible things for the people who played the game.

I have never liked silly parody, making very obvious comical jokes mocking the subject they were parodying.  That to me seems too easy and I think if the source material is worth mocking then its own ludicrousness will show through in it’s regular telling.

That is why Demons in the Darkness is a unabashed evil tale about frustrated and bullied teens unleashing dark powers beyond their comprehension.  The story isn’t real, so it doesn’t have realistic happenings.  The humor is meant to be brutal as a way for me to process and share all my experiences of being tortured in High School.

It’s a fine line to walk but the hope is that people will see underneath all the blood and gore, is a positive message lurking.

You can find the Demons in the Darkness Kickstarter at –

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