Kickstarter Review – Lili: The Demoness

(Click On The Pic for the KS -Note: NSFW)

For this Kickstarter Spotlight we have decided to interview a creator of an upcoming Kickstarter, Luis Torres –

For those who would be new readers, can you tell us more about Lili The Demoness and Whispers In Necropolis?

 Whispers in Necropolis is a horror anthology I created to give my short stories a home. Since I was a teenager I have always wanted to put together my own comic. I remember my cousin and I would write and draw out a few pages. For years and years everything just went dormant in my head. In 2015 I met at a few indie comic creators at a con and just listening to what they had to say just brought it all back. In my opinion monsters are scary but what is more scary is the evils of what the average man can do. Which is what some stories in Whispers In Necropolis are about. Some stories are based off of life experiences and other are just good old fashion imagination.

Lili: The Demoness started out as chapter two of Whispers In Necropolis #1. It’s about a demon Lili Ardat who is one of the fallen angels that was cast out of Heaven with Lucifer. After thousands of years of servitude she realizes she made a mistake and wants to earn her way back into God’s good graces. For what ever reason this chapter had a lot of positive feedback. She was on a cover of Imagine Comic’s Energize magazine and is being published into Antarctic Press’s Mangazine. Some readers commented that they wanted to see more of Lili. It was suggested a few times that Lili should have her own series.


You have used Kickstarter for several projects.  How was that experience and what advice would you have for folks wanting to use crowdsourcing to realize their creative projects?

 My experience with the site started out extremely slow. Granted I was just coming onto the scene with Whispers In Necropolis #1 and was pretty wet behind the ears on the matter. Although it was stressful I did end both Issue campaigns successfully. My advise would be, to anyone, is to not get discouraged if you don’t reach your campaign goal, especially starting out, and not to use crowdfunding as the only source to finance your project. Some creators seem to swear by Kickstarter but in my opinion you got to be promoting your projects and yourself for a while before you’re at the point of reaching those $10,000 goals. You aren’t going to get those kind of pledges right out of the gate.


What can you tell us about this particular Kickstarter Campaign for Lili The Demoness Chapter 1: Revival?  Why should potential readers check it out?

 The campaign begins April 1st and will run for 35 days. With Lili: The Demoness I’ve wanted a more vivid look and slightly less cartoony. I’ve giving more TLC and attention into the project and have commissioned artists that have worked on some of the more popular series in comics. I think this will give Lili: The Demoness a more professional look that will really appeal to the reader’s eye.


You’ve done mainly horror books up to this point.  What draws you to create horror comics and what have been some of influences?

 I have always loved horror. Some would say, and have told me, in the comic book world there is no market for it. Tales from the Crypt is one of my #1 favorites. I still have a few issue my parents bought me a very long time ago. I’ve seen some indie horror anthologies that really comes close to the old art style horror comic. At first, I wanted Whispers In Necropolis to have the same feel but while I was going through artists and looking at their test pages that I had commissioned for Whispers In Necropolis #1 I decided why not have it to where each chapter has a different artist working on it. That way each chapter has it’s own look. Not only would that make each chapter more of it’s own story but it would also help more artists by giving a little money in their pocket. 

For the most part most of the short stories in Whispers In Necropolis have been influence by experiences that I’ve seen or has happened to me in my life time. For example, Chapter #1 in issue #1, Mr Townsend’s Pizza & Games, I use to manage a pizza and games restaurant. Same as the character the story. Like him I have often been talked down to by upper management or belittled by angry customers. I think all of us who have worked in a hospitality environment can say that there has been some point in time where you just want to give back what they are dishing out. Pop them one or tell them off. Using those instances is what inspired “Mr. Townsend’s Pizza & Games”


What other comic or creative projects that you have coming up?  Do you have other Kickstarters we should keep an eye for?

My next campaigns will be Lili: The Demoness. As I mentioned launches April 1st. A few months afterward the 3rd installment of Whispers In Necropolis should be launching.


What Kickstarters that you’ve enjoyed backing or maybe deserve wider attention?

I wish I could back every project that seems appealing to me. There are some original looking stories and characters out there. One of the projects I’ve enjoyed was Gray Bear Comic’s Speak No Evil. It has it’s own horror to it and one for my taste. I’ve also met the writers and have become really good acquaintances.


If you could work with another creator living or dead, who would it be?

 I wouldn’t trade my creative team for the world but I would love to have artist Terry Parr and his lovely wife Halo work on a chapter of Whispers In Necropolis. I would also love for Art Bellfield to pick up the chapters of Whispers In Necropolis as one of his webseries.


If you could work on any character, property, franchise, or brand, what would it be and what would be a rough idea of what you would do with it?

 I personally prefer indie over mainstream. I would love to set up some sort of a cross over with Tom Hutchison.  His Penny for Your Soul follows one of Lucifer’s gran-daughter, Danica. Lili Ardat, The Demoness, betrays Lucifer and leaves Hell in her own quests. With a common foe I think we could come up with an interesting plot for my Lili that would make an entertaining story with his Danica.


For our last question, do you have anything to say to the aspiring creators out there who want to tell their own stories to the world?

I would say do what you like. If it doesn’t fit into what’s popular “today”, so what. Be your own thing. What might not have a market today; may have a market tomorrow. Well known names like Superman and Batman have been around for about 80 years.  If you keep at it, who knows what might happen in the next few years.



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