Kickstarter of the Week: Venezia

A 16th century vigilante appears on the streets of Venice, Italy. Death follows in her every wake, but who is she & what does she want?

Launched: Nov 26, 2012
Funding ends: Dec 24, 2012


Venezia is an ongoing comic series set in 16th century Venice, Italy. It follows the story of a young woman who becomes a vigilante after the brutal murder of her parents. Against an action packed backdrop of revenge driven murder and violence, the comic explores the protagonist’s fragile identity and her internal conflict with the ghosts of her past.

Issue 2 contains 22 pages of story written and created by Wolf Beaumont, pencilled & inked by Brian McCranie, coloured by Omi Remalante Jr. & lettered by E.T. Dollman who is also the book’s editor.


As a team, we were able to complete issue one with our personal savings, we then ran a kickstarter campaign to promote the book and raise enough money to do the preview above for issue 2. This was also a great opportunity for us to test Kickstarter as a platform and learn valuable lessons with a modest goal.

Now we’re back, and this time we’re raising money for issue 2 proper. Our art team are industry professionals and we pay them a fair commission per page. With that in mind we need your help to raise enough funds to colour the rest of the book.

We have a number of stretch goals, after we raise the minimum £1000, for example we hope to pay back two of the artists for services rendered and then we’d like to bring back Craig Hamilton to pencil & ink issue 2’s cover making our ideal stretch goal a total of £2900 [$4600]. Our dream goal is to reach £6000 [$9500] thereby fully funding issue 3 and coming up with all sorts of amazing gifts and new rewards to shower you with.

For more information, including sample pages, on Venezia, check out the Campaign Page.

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