KickStarter of the Week: Robocop

This week our KickStarter of the Week isn’t even a KickStarter! It’s over on Indiegogo! We’re so tricky sometimes! Have no fear though. This one is just as amazingly awesome as all of the other campaigns that we’ve highlighted. Ready to read about it? Let’s go!

What We Are Doing
The team at SuperHero Photography want to do something SUPER COOL & create a Female version of the Classic Robocop.  We are going OLD SCHOOL !!! We have Davence who will be building the super sexy cop for us and the AWESOME Freddie Nova will take on the role as Robo ! Adam will be doing the photo shoot and overall scheming 🙂

We want to storyboard the Shoot with Freddie starting in normal cop gear and then the transformation to Robocop.

What We Need & What You Get
We need $2500 to cover all materials, labour, shipping, and reward incentives to truly make this as epic as we can !

As soon as the costume is built we will be doing a Photo Shoot to release out to the SuperHero Photography page and then the actual build will debut at C2E2 2013

As a thank you we will have posters and tshirts 🙂 There is also an opportunity to sponsor the build/shoot and debut by having your logo connected to all social media and promotions.

If we hit $5000 then Davence will build a


C’mon…Didn’t I tell you that it was awesome? Freddie is absolutely gorgeous and done up as RoboCop, she would be nothing short of amazing! Head on over to Indiegogo and give them your support!

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