Kickstarter of the Week: Monstrology

From the desks of comics’ best up-and-coming creative teams, MONSTROLOGY is an anthology of monster stories unlike any other!

Edited by Scott O. Brown and Rachel Deering, Monstrology is 112 pages of pure terror. The monsters are the driving theme of every story. This collection isn’t about twist endings–though we have some–nor is it about a good scare or gore–we have those, too. These stories mix and match monsters in new milieus that bring out new and interesting twists on the monsters and their victims.

This awesome collection includes the following stories:

Troll Behavior by Andrew Foley & G. Gerald Garcia in which Andrew was told to write a story involving trolls in a junkyard, and after he thought at great length about trolls and considered junkyards briefly, he wrote a story that involved the both of them.

The Abomination Denomination
In White Widow by 
Charles Webb & Andres Esparza, a young woman must battle the supernatural force at the heart of a haunted house which seems able to bend, twist, and recreate reality around her.

What Fools These Mortals Be
Yolk by Erica J. Heflin & Elias Martins, is a story of a young woman’s journey for acceptance, guided by her grandmother’s goblin-infested tales of the Old World.

Darkest Corners
The View of Mumbichi Valley by Walt Mancing & Horacio Lalia, features a harpy and an ancient tree, and is inspired by the old Creepy and Tales from the Crypt comics that scared the Hell out of Walt as a kid.

The View of Mumbichi Valley
In Children of Russia by Ryan Ferrier & Hugo Petrus, a dying man recounts his life of poor choices, all stemming from an unspeakable horror at the orphanage in which he grew up.

For more information on Monstrology, head on over to Kickstarter today!

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