Kickstarter of the Week: MockTales: The Nexus Earth Presents

Hello everyone! This is Greg Scott Bailey. MockTales will be getting its “kickstart” with our short story book; MockTales: Nexus Earth Presents #1.

Cover Line Art

What we’re looking to fund here is payment for the artists involved as well as the initial print run for the 2013 convention season. That’s it! And that is why we’re only asking for $2500 for this first-round project.

I want to bring everyone into the Nexus Earth Universe of MockTales by starting out with four stories of random characters and places in this new world for issue #1. This book will be mostly black and white/grey-tone with color being added only if production time allows. Then, every three months, I will be releasing another issue with even more characters and stories. While our main book, MockTales: The Adventures of Tim Garn (also currently in production) will be an ongoing story, Nexus Earth Presents will just be short stories to intruduce characters to you, the reader, and even introduce the characters themselves into a brand new dimension full of wonders and dangers abound!

NEW FORMAT: We’re also intrucing a new format with this comic book – the pages themselves will be sideways/calendar style. This format will allow both the printed version AND the digital versions to be the same, while never needing to scroll down the page on your computer’s monitor to read the rest of the page. While not everyone has widescreen monitors, we are all heading that direction anyways. And previous monitors were still wider than they were taller. We feel that always have to scroll down for those last two panels on a comic book page got annoying after a while. And since movies have come to the home in widescreen format dominantly now for over 10 years, we feel it is time comics do the same. Ready to jump on board? Help us today and begin the widescreen comic format!

What do you think? Is this a Kickstarter you can get behind? If so, head on over to the page and give them your support! Know of another Kickstarter that we should be sharing? Drop us a line!

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