Kickstarter of the Week: Hi-Fi Untold Tales

15 years of Hi-Fi packed into one book filled with heroes, villains, cartoons, monsters, & more from the visual storytellers at Hi-Fi.

Launched: Nov 13, 2012
Funding ends: Dec 13, 2012

Welcome comic book fans! Hi-Fi is a creative studio founded in 1998 with a team of artists who are passionate about comic books. Over the past 15 years Hi-Fi has enjoyed coloring comic books for publishers like Bongo, DC, Dark Horse, Disney, Image, Marvel, Top Cow, Vertigo, and more. In that time Hi-Fi has served as vital members of the visual storytelling team behind many of your favorite comic books. Now we have come to you and Kickstarter with the hope of producing our first graphic novel collecting the UNTOLD TALES from the creators at Hi-Fi.

Within these pages you will discover sword and sorcery, a carnival sideshow, a hero with incredible powers, and many other stories to thrill you. Most importantly, you’ll find the adventures that have been lying dormant in the back of our minds for years. The one that percolates to the surface once in a while only to be denied again by deadlines and other projects. Those stories that have remained untold for 15 years are now laid bare on the page for your reading pleasure.

Worthy of your collection.To ensure the highest quality paper and printing the book is being printed in the U.S.A. and Canada by the same printers Hi-Fi already work’s with when delivering digital color files for Marvel & DC comic books. The completed graphic novel will contain over 150 pages packed with over 15 full-color stories. Lettering will be handled by our friends at Comicraft to ensure the best reading experience. The width and height of Untold Tales is the same as the comic books already in your collection so you will not need to rearrange your life to keep your copy of Untold Tales on hand.

Original Content from the creators at Hi-Fi.
We absolutely love Booster Gold, Wolverine, and Star Wars, but you won’t find them in this book. The stories do fall into genre’s like Super-hero, Animation & Manga, Pulp & Pin-Up, Science Fiction & Fantasy, and Alternative & Horror. Untold Tales is focused on original creations.

The Hi-Fi timeline
Untold Tales will include a timeline feature spanning 1998 to today. The timeline covers important Hi-Fi milestones and trivia. Do you know the first Marvel comic colored by Hi-Fi? What about the first issue of Strangers in Paradise to feature a Hi-Fi colored cover? How about the number of issues of Birds of Prey colored by Hi-Fi? You will be able to trace all the significant moments on Hi-Fi history all the way back to the start.

Who is Hi-Fi?
One of the questions we are asked at comic conventions is, “Who is Hi-Fi?” We are a studio of talented comic book color artist working together to bring your favorite comic books to life with color. We decided to create Untold Tales to introduce you to members of the Hi-Fi creative team, past and present and give you a chance to read their stories, the Untold Tales of Earth’s mightiest comic book color artist.

Want more information or to donate to an awesome project? Head on over to the campaign page!

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