Kickstarter of the Week Bonus Week: Arsenic Lullaby

Do you ever have one of those weeks where it seems everyone you know is doing something cool? Well, that’s the kind of week we’re having here at the site. Since we don’t want any of you missing out on awesome, we decided to every once in a while do a KickStarter of the Week Bonus Week where we bring you new KickStarters multiple times throughout the week.

This week, we already brought you TG Comics amazing KickStarter which is what we would dub family friendly. Heck, the guy is trying to help kids. Now, we bring you Arsenic Lullaby, a very adults only KickStarter. Some of you are already familiar with this book and the man behind it. If you’re not, we encourage you to go and check this out.’s not for the easily offended or youth of America or any country. This is absolutely one of those books that you’re like, “woah, did I just read what I think I read?” It’s edgy. It’s out there..and we know some of you live for this sort of book. Go. Check it out. Pledge. He’s just recently added stretch goals and bumped up the incentives. If you’re cynical and scoff at the world, this book is for you. If you want to be known as the person responsible for bringing this into the world, there’s an incentive for that. If you’re an adult who likes comic books, why not go check it out?

Until next week and a new KotW….Arsenic Lullaby.

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