Kickstarter/Indigogo of the Week: Ultimate Articulated Cardboard Comic Book Action Cut-Outs

Every now and then something new and exciting crosses my desk. With my recent review of Muffenman #1 came another really cool Kickstarter project that includes Muffenman and many –MANY– more great characters. The campaign for the Ultimate Articulated Cardboard Comic Book Action Cut-Outs is chalked full of some legendary indie comic characters, in a medium that you’ll likely not see anywhere else. As the title implies, these characters have been turned into fully articulated cardboard cutouts, mounted on magnetic backings. What that means is you can turn your refrigerator into an indie-hero battleground of epic proportions.

Creator Luanga ‘Lue’ Nuwame, is best known for his YouTube YouTube channel The Homemade Game Guru. His original ‘how-to’ crafting videos have garnered multiple awards and millions of views. 2008. Including a world-record (775 sq.ft.) wood board game based on the city of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. After taking some time off to focus on publishing some great indie comics, he’s combined two of his loves, cardboard craft and comics. Originally I typed “indie comics” and while technically accurate, I find it a hard sell to call characters like Usagi Yojimbo “indie” anymore.

Yes, Usagi Yojimbo IS one of the characters included in this campaign. His two figures sold out in under a day, so let’s look at some of the other characters that you can still get get your hands on. To be very general, they break down into three categories. Nuwame’s imaginative characters featured by Zelpha Comics, characters from other creators, and a small handful of historic public domain characters; and yes mentioning those characters last is intentional.

Lacrossa (Superpowerful Bonanza) and Paper Warrior, Rock Warrior, and Scissors Warrior (Paper Rock Scissors N’ Stuff Wars) are characters included by Nuwame. Alien Hillbilly (Alien Hillbilly), The Muffenman (The Muffenman), Northguard (New Triumph), Mr. Monster (Vanguard Illustrated), both Yuki and Panda (Yuki Vs. Panda Volume 1), Zen and Nira-X (Zen the Intergalactic Ninja), Auroraman (Auroraman), Rhosen (Toy Souldiers), Auric (Auric of the Great White North), are all previously established characters joining in for this historic campaign.

The penultimate character is Miss Masque who first appeared in the mid-1940’s as one of the first female superheroes. She has reappeared several times over the past 70+ years. Most recently she was revived by Dynamite Entertainment, rebranded as Masquerade, as part of their Project Superpowers line.

Finally, a hero that couldn’t be more timely. Ace Harlem was the first solo Black superhero, published in All-Negro Comics before the company was blocked from purchasing the newsprint need to continue publication. Religated to near-obscurity by history, the character provided black children with a brief chance to see themselves in a way they hadn’t before. Ace Harlem should have been to a still-segregated America what Chadwick Boseman’s portrayal of Black Panther has been for youth in the Black Lives Matter era.

Each individual character has its own separate pledge level, with the exception of Rock, Paper, Scissors that come as a three-pack. Because of that, I won’t go into EVERY pledge. Most of the characters run $35-$45 with some of the larger figures going for $55-$85. Those prices are in CANADIAN Dollars, so American backers will get a pretty sweet deal on them. Sadly there is no combined Yuki vs Panda pledge, but there is a $105 combo for three characters, and a huge $630 pledge for every figure, minus Usagi but with an exclusive Petalianne figure from The Adventures of Little Petalianne.

All of the figures are handmade, numbered, and will never be offered again. Whenever possible, each box will be autographed by the creators/artists involved, and every creator will share in the funds raised from their characters.

This is a great opportunity to pledge on something legitimately unique. If you’re interested you can check out the Ultimate Articulated Cardboard Comic Book Action Cut-Outs campaign on Kickstarter until September 29, 2020.

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