Kickstarter/Indiegogo Spotlight: Touching Evil Vol. 2

Kickstarter Spotlight - Geek-O-Rama - Touching Evil Comic


For those new to this award-winning supernatural thriller, the premise is simple: there is a curse that grants its bearers immortality and the power to kill people with a mere touch of the hand…if the person is evil. Sounds great, except for one little catch: the souls you kill live on in a prison inside your head. As if that wasn’t bad enough, what if the person you kill happens to be someone you care about? And what defines evil anyway?

In volume one we followed Ada Mansfield: a single mom and hard working attorney who stumbled upon the curse and had her whole life turned upside down as she learned who her friends and enemies were…the hard way.  Now in volume two she discovers there may be someone who can break the curse once and for all, but it comes at a price. Ada is tasked with doing terrible things for the greater good, and I can assure you NO ONE is safe in this second volume that is high on suspense and thrills.

(Hey, if you’re brand new to the series and want to read issue one for free, click )



Dan has been a long time supporter of this site so I couldn’t resist putting his latest project into the spotlight. Not to mention, did you check out those reward tiers? Shoot, folks, you’re going to want to get in on this. Don’t let the fact that this is Volume 2 scare you off. There are at least two reward tiers when you can also purchase volume 1. Want to learn more but you aren’t quite ready to commit? Check out the link above and read issue one. Then, go and check out this Kickstarter. It’s not one that you’re going to want to miss.

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