Kickstarter/Indiegogo Spotlight: The Floor Is Lava

This will be a small CrowdFUNding Spotlight for a small game from a small company. Before I go into this campaign, let me tell you about Orcs Unlimited. Before The Rat Hole opened, I backed their first RPG campaign for a trio of RPGs: Teddy Bear Island, Bad Day To Be A Kaiju, and We Hunt Bugs. (I also found myself with a copy of Space Pirates: The Musical, which I even had time to review.) There were some very small glitches with fulfillment on part of my pledge, but they went above and beyond and didn’t just fix it, but the made things better than right with a smile. 6 out of 5 stars and 3 thumbs up for customer service.

All right. On to the topic at hand. Even if you grew up as one of the few kids who didn’t jump around the furniture yelling “the floor is lava” you probably know it. Move around a space without touching the floor because the floor is, obviously, lava and will kill you.

Well, game designer Patrick McNary’s teen daughter came to him with a game she had been working on, but couldn’t quite get it “right”. The two of them worked on it together and the result is the mere 18 double-sided cards that make up this game.

On one side of the cards is an action, the other a piece of furniture. A player can choose either side to use, if any cards end up removed from play, they eventually get shuffled back into the deck until all 18 cards are in play. Count up the points, and see who wins and who ends up a lava-burnt marshmallow of sadness. It’s a fast, easy, game that you can slip in your pocket.

The pledge levels are just as simple as the game. $8 (USD) for one copy or $15 for two copies, including shipping within the US only. $16 gets you one copy shipped anywhere in the world. Even with the stupidity of currency conversion and international shipping, $16 isn’t terrible, and if you have someone that you can ship it to in the US, even better. Spend that money you’re saving on a second copy for a friend! If you already live in the US, even better! You can still get a second copy for a friend.

If there’s one thing I believe in more than supporting independent game designers, it’s supporting the next generation of game designers and players. The Floor Is Lava Card Game does both.

You can back The Floor Is Lava Card Game on Kickstarter until March 1, 2019. (Only a week left!)

You can find Orcs Unlimited online at or on Facebook at

This CrowdFUNding Spotlight was originally posted to THERATHOLE.CA on Feb 20, 2019 and is republished with permission.

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