Kickstarter/Indiegogo Spotlight: Ten2Midnight #1

Kickstarter - Ten2Midnight


It all began in the Eleventh Hour when the sun blotted out and the Earth was plunged into darkness. For many, this was the beginning of the End of Times. When nightmarish creatures broke through that darkness and began scouring the Earth of humanity, they were labelled demons. Survivors fled, they scraped, they stole, they hid as best as they could to avoid the things that hunted them in the night, but for some-

Some simply couldn’t abide the silent surrender of only surviving. They couldn’t roll over while the bodies of their dead rose up to hunt them, or winged creatures descended from on high to pluck their children from their arms. All of the blood and soot stirred their inner fire to start fighting back.

In this issue, an evangelist strives to keep his flock in their faith as the first of the defilers appear around them. Meanwhile, the invaders are revealed to not be as unified as the survivors fear, as one of their own begins his own struggle to ensure that the humans have a fighting chance. And EMT watches his world crumble around him as creatures he’d only had nightmares about before are suddenly very real. Elsewhere, a young girl named Marta watches her family die and gains an unlikely ally. And finally, a former high school football star must decide whether he can conquer his fear and help a mother on the run from monsters find her way home.


Want to help bring this book to life? Head over now and check out the Kickstarter and give it a pledge!

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