Kickstarter/Indiegogo of the Week: New Bristol.

To a broad segment of the RPG world, one of the largest and most popular systems is Savage Worlds. Over the years I’ve seen a ton of games built around the Savage Worlds engine, but I’ve simply never had the time or opportunity to dig into it. As a result, I see the logo and just pass by. That is in no way a negative judgment, simply reality of our limited and linear time. The reason I bring that up is to frame where I’m coming from in this Spotlight. I didn’t come across it via the Savage Worlds community, but rather from Endless Realms, which I’ve reviewed in some detail. The New Bristol campaign setting was originally written as a Savage Worlds product, but Lunar Games has stepped up and will be handling tell the conversion to their Endless Realms system, and even more exciting is that they will be adding in additional content that will feature some of the iconic races from the game in a way that’s never been seen before.

You see, New Bristol was a city here on Earth. I say was because as a result of a major super-battle, New Bristol was wiped from not only Earth but Earth’s very history. The city now hurtles through space, time, and dimensions across the whole of the multiverse; with the city’s population pulled along with it. Civilians, heroes, and villains all dragged along to strange new dimensions; picking up new civilians, new heroes, and yes even new villains, along the way.

That’s where this book picks up; after generations of New Bristolians have been unhinged from our linear reality.

Pending additional stretch goals, the book is intended to run about 110 pages, with information on the history of the city, notable NPCs, new equipment, and (of course) an introductory adventure.

Pledge levels start at only $20 for just the PDFs or $30 for a PDF and Physical copy of New Bristol in either the Savage Worlds or Endless Realms system, or $50 for both. $65 will get a location in New Bristol named after you, $80 gets a notable NPC named after you, no $135 gets your likeness in the books as an NPC.

Just for the record, if this funds The Rat Hole will be a location in New Bristol. You know you want to see that happen, don’t you?

It obviously goes without saying that we are incredibly excited about this release. I hope you are too.

You can back New Bristol on Kickstarter until Sept 23, 2020.

This CrowdFUNding Spotlight was originally posted to THERATHOLE.CA on August 26,  2020 and is republished with permission.

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