Kickstarter/Indiegogo of the Week: Ducks in Tow

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of attending SHUX, put on by the fine folks over at Shut Up & Sit Down. Through good luck and good timing, one of the games I was able to play was a delightful prototype for a game about ducks with Stephanie Kwok of First Fish Games. Now, a few short months later here we are talking about the Ducks in Tow Kickstarter campaign.

Let me put this in no uncertain terms: Ducks in Tow was the most enjoyable game I played at SHUX. Period.

The premise is simple, serene even, the players are walking around a park feeding ducks appropriate duckie food, and taking pictures with some and adopting others. How that translates to gameplay is you draw (usually) random coloured food cubes from a bag, which you can feed to the matching colour duck so that they follow you (using a beautifully designed pawn/tray combination). When you move to the right location you can drop off the correct set of ducks to fulfil your location cards or adopt them to create scorable lines and formations of ducks on your completed cards.

There is only one non-retailer pledge level. $45 (CAD) gets one copy of the game, an exclusive Angry Goose expansion, and any unlocked stretch goals. The shipping estimates include up to three more discounted copies of the game, making group-buys an incredible deal.

I loved this game, it’s not hard to learn yet has enough challenge for most “gamers”. The price is more than reasonable, and the discount for extra copies is amazing. Also, it’s ducks and ducks are adorable.

You can back Ducks in Tow on Kickstarter until December 18, 2019.

You can find First Fish Games online at or on Facebook at

This CrowdFUNding Spotlight was originally posted to THERATHOLE.CA on November27 and is republished with permission.

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