Keeper 2

Scott Winslow is making a killing in England.  As he plies his trade as star goalkeeper for
up & coming East London club Lewisham United, he moonlights as a serial
murderer terrorizing the public with a body count in double digits.  Scott Winslow’s reign of terror continues,
but how close are Scotland Yard to discovering the horiffic truth? Will Scott
lay low… or has the violence only just begun?
Most everyone has their own thing that they’re good at and
really enjoy doing.  Some, like Scott
Winslow for example, become a star player for a soccer team.  That’s unfortunately not the only thing he’s
good at.  I guess the excitement of his
day job just isn’t enough for him as he proves again in issue 2 of Keeper.
The cops are on the hunt, and their first solid lead has
them aiming right for Lewisham United.  After
a rather intense questioning with the coach, the team has been put under curfew
at their next match.  You’d think this
might be enough to make Scott back off for a bit, but some habits just don’t
die.  Yet another poor soul does though,
and it definitely makes things worse.
Being a little further into the series, I’ve become accustom
to the art style.  Admittedly, I still
have a little trouble with the way faces are done though.  It’s silly, but it just stands out to
me.  On the other hand, the striking
amount of blood and violence almost makes up for it.
Stories like this that keep you on your toes are always
exciting to read.  With the anticipation
of the authorities finally working out the case, the dramatic face off is just
hanging about us.  This is still looking
like a worthwhile series to stick with, so jump on the ride before things move
too fast.
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Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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