Katrina Hates the Dead

Written and Created: Russell Nohelty
Pencils and Covers: Juan Frigeri
Colors: Thomas Bacon
Inks: Fernando Melek
Letters: Bernie Lee

The Rapture has happened and those left behind have to deal with the walking dead and minions of the underworld. The worst part is they have integrated themselves into everyday life. They live in homes once occupied by those they have tortured and killed, they eat out, they do all the things humans used to do. Our hero Katrina is one of the few humans left on Earth and she is not too thrilled about it. She has taken on all that is evil, but along the way, she has picked up ex-lover Thomas, who just happens to be the son of Satan. When she and her companion Connie get caught in the middle of a battle between Thomas and his father, it is more than a war of who will rule the realm. This is the ultimate battle between good and evil, Heaven and Hell, but which side will Katrina end up on?

I am familiar with the story told in this comic of Heaven, Hell, The Rapture, Garden of Eden and so on. Russell Nohelty has taken these biblical stories and created a comic that is kind of all over the place. Since this trade started as a series, I would have been confused as to where this was leading. On one hand, you have Katrina just jaded with the whole living dead and demons running the Earth. On the other hand, she and her friend/enemy Connie driving to find the gates of Hell to exact revenge. Nohelty tries to tie all of this together but it’s just not gelling for me.

The team of Juan Frigeri on pencils, Fernando Melek on inks and Thomas Bacon on colors do a really good job on this series. The scenery of hell on Earth is pretty epic and they don’t try and reinvent the wheel when it comes to what a demon, angel or zombies look like. What is impressive is the treatment; the detailing with the pencils and pens from Frigeri and Melek would have made a black and white panels something to see. They get the expression on close-ups and the detailing or panned out panels really nice and Bacon’s colors add to the richness of this series.

I don’t want to say this was new for me but it was different. I give it a solid 3 stars.

You can find this trade and others at Wannabe Press, an unfamiliar publisher to me. The have a bunch of titles for children and adults!

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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