Jungle Book #4

Mowgli and Baloo escape from the clutches of the insane apes of the island only to find themselves faced against the deadliest creature in all the wild: Kaa, the giant Python. Even then the combined strength of Bomani, Mowgli, and Baloo may not be enough to stop him from devouring them all.

The Good
The storyline. I am still loving how this story is progressing. Besides the fantasy of being a comic book, I find so much real life in the story. Most people just want to be happy in their own little world, acknowledge others when needed, and only notice the outside when a common enemy emerges. This is represented so well with all the different tribes of animals doing their own thing, surviving and living, until they are forced to deal with Kaa.

The smaller animals. They truly do act like little animals. Forgetting their size and fears to protect each other. You just have to love them.

The Bad
I don’t really have any bad in this issue, just mild irritants. Are Mowgli’s eyes getting bigger? In some panels I noticed eyes then a face behind them. Not every time though.  My only other thing is animals do not all speak the same “language” so it bugs me that they all seem to be able to understand each other.

Very simply-read this. I’m very burned out with superheroes right now. This story is a great alternative to all things superhero. The characters are fun. No one has powers or uses magic – please keep it that way Zenescope. The art and the colors are still great.  And, so far, the cliff hanger endings are still plausible. There is always danger in a jungle.

For more information on how you can buy this book, check out Zenescope’s website or their Facebook page.

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