Jughead’s Time Police

Get ready for a wild ride through time! Jughead has been drafted into a time-traveling police force, tasked with keeping history from going haywire. Is Jughead the right kid for the job? Find out in this digital-only collection!

Archie Comics

I’ve been reviewing Archie collections for a few weeks now, each one offering me a view into the world of one of the characters from the town of Riverdale. This time around I get to learn about Jughead, in this 1990’s series in which he becomes a time cop trying to save the world.

After reading it I’m impressed – the series really commits to it’s direction, even if it does end up producing a few elements that seem to be very much of their time when looked back at with the perspective of distance.

On the positive side, like the best of the Archie stories I’ve read so far it is very charming. From the art style to the tone of the stories themselves and how the characters act, it’s all very sweet and innocent which endeared itself to me. Though it isn’t particularly deep or life changing, you don’t always need that in stories. Sometimes it’s just fun to have a silly story where interesting things happen.

It helps that it commits to the premise of the time travel storyline, with time travel trickery and lots of science fiction weirdness that I haven’t seen outside of golden age comics. That may be down to the tone Archie comics aim for in general (it harking back to an era of children’s comics from the 1950s) but it’s appreciated in a market saturated with grim, morally grey anti-heroes.

That tone though does raise some ideas that don’t hold up to modern day ideas. The 90’s had very different ideas about how to present ethnicities and relationships, so the collection has some things that wouldn’t fly as well today.

From Chinese people being depicted in somewhat antiquated and stereotypical ways to an aged elderly clone of Jughead having a relationship with a person depicted as a teenager, it does have some things that aren’t are intended as sweet, but don’t quite come across as it. Those are minor quibbles and it really will depend on your sensibilities as to if you feel you can read it or not, being as it is, dated.

But otherwise it’s a very enjoyable read.

Jughead’s Time Police is available from Comixology.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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